da³vid (pronounced: ˈdeɪvəd) is the software framework developed by embedded data since 2017 for the realization of data-driven applications for machine builders and device manufacturers and their customers. All necessary basic functions are already implemented so that many applications can be implemented in minutes to hours only configuratively (example: cloud connection as Modbus to MQTT protocol converter with local data preprocessing).

We implement additional functions iteratively, creating a new executable version of the software after each development cycle.

The da³vid software framework is delivered in the form of containers and runs with full functionality on ARM-based embedded devices or edge devices and on-premises and in any cloud. The backend server contains the database, data processing, data sources such as MQTT and a web server. The user interface is a modern HTML5 web interface.

When using da³vid, you are completely independent: IoT cloud services of so-called hyperscalers such as AWS or Azure IoT are not used. Use the software only on embedded devices and/or on-premises and/or in cloud self-hosting or book our da³vid SaaS including backups and SLA. Even with self-hosting, you are free to choose between your internal IT or any Linux hosting provider.

If you wish, you can also license the complete source code and we will be happy to train you in its use and further development - so you are your own 2nd source and covered for all eventualities!

Various tried and tested contract models are available for licensing (with / without source code, per
device, per product category). Always included in all license models: any number of data points, users, dashboards, CPUs used, etc. - so the costs are transparent and plannable for you.