Industrial IoT and embedded projects are complicated and lengthy?

Your project could already be ready!

Skip months of platform development and reduce costs, risks and time2market by 50% or more!

da³vid is our edge, on-premises & cloud low-code software solution, which is hardware-independent and immediately ready2use without programming knowledge: all basic functions are already implemented for you and directly available. embedded software in minutes? Here!


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Read + write measured values via I2C, Modbus, OPC-UA or MQTT
Ready-made asset data model, synchronized between Edge and Cloud
Save historical data also on embedded devices
Live data in configurable dashboards in minutes
Cloud freedom: Self-hosting or SaaS
White-label configuration in just 3 minutes

Individual requirements are implemented with minimal configuration effort - white label included. We implement special protocols or customization for your embdded hardware.

Finally, projects that are fun and get done. For machine manufacturers and integrators who want to remain independent and innovative. Cloud agnostic with full source code.

Our all-round carefree package

Holistic consulting

With the experience of 15+ industrial embedded and IoT projects, we look together at where you stand.
Examples of topics that we can help with:

  • Pre-mortem analysis: uncovering and solving difficulties from past projects
  • Selection of embedded hardware (e.g. CPU/RAM performance requirements)
  • Technological solutions for your requirements
  • Implementation of current topics such as the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) in development




In just 3 days, we will train you in the project planning and design of the entire
da³vid platform.

If you want to go deeper, book source code access and we will be happy to show you everything, really everything!

This way, you become your own 2nd source and can rely on the solution in the long term - no one will “switch off” your product, no matter what happens.

Individual customizations

Your own protocol, special hardware, customized visualizations or individual calculation formulas?
We can implement many things directly using low-code if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself. And we are also happy to tackle larger extensions.

Iterative development with executable software after every step!



Licensing and development agreement

da³vid source code and installation packages for

  • linux embedded devices (Edge, 64bit-ARM)
  • On-premises / self-hosting (x86-64bit)
  • SaaS hosted by us for you (SLA available).

Purely configurable examples:

  • Modbus to MQTT converter
  • OPC UA data collector with visualization
  • Real-time asset management and alerting

Simply install and start configuring straight away!

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